Popular Bridal Hairstyles

6 Most Popular Bridal Hairstyles in Winter 2021

Currently, the bridal hairstyles are very diverse and rich, suitable for many styles as well as the face of each bride. One of the most chosen bridal hairstyles is the bun because it is neat and simple but gives a very luxurious look to help highlight the contours of the face. Bridal bun hair for girls who love gentle and loving features. With a suitable hairstyle, brides will add more shine and clarity on their important day. Here are the 6 most popular bridal hairstyles for winter 2021,  brides can refer to and choose for themselves the most suitable bun hairstyle!

1. Luxurious garlic bun

You do not think that the garlic bun is too monotonous for the bride. Because you will be surprised by the gorgeous and seductive beauty of the bride when combined with accessories. During the wedding season, there will be many promotions, discount codes, and coupons for brides when shopping for accessories with wedding dresses. Make good use of the opportunity to make your hair more gorgeous and luxurious.

To create accents for the hairstyle, you can combine it with a rhinestone-studded headband, fake flowers placed near the top of the head, or indifferently tie a beautiful little bow at the nape of the neck, which will be very suitable for elegant brides with a unique style young, central and dynamic.

Or if you want to add a bit of momentum to the hairstyle, add braids, create volume to the bangs, mess up or add some curly hair around.

2. Braided hair combined with braids

This hairstyle looks quite sophisticated but the way to do it is much simpler than you think. There are many variations with a combination of chic buns and romantic braids. And the common point is that they all bring a charming beauty that makes everyone smile on their unforgettable happy day.

A plus point for this bridal bun hairstyle is that she will be extremely sweet when adding a small fresh flower. And when combined with a wide neck skirt or a V-neck showing off your slim shoulders, you are sure to attract all eyes when striding down the aisle.

If you choose a classic style with this bridal bun, just braid each large braid, draped over the head as a unique accessory. And don’t forget to cover it with a thin chiffon scarf, you will become a vintage-style feminine bride.

3. Gentle low bun bridal hairstyle

Girls who want to become a bride with a gentle, seductive beauty when going to the aisle, make a note of this bridal bun hairstyle. Almost like the high bun above, with a low bun, you will combine braiding and bun hair. The roof will be elaborately braided, beautifully or messed up, and neatly tucked in the back.

4. French bun

If you are a girl who likes a noble and luxurious style, do not ignore the delicate French bun.

Although this style of the bun is not sophisticated, it requires high ingenuity to show the elegant beauty of the French style. The girls combined with sexy tight wedding dresses, or long-sleeved wedding dresses are very elegant, attracting all eyes.

5. Luxurious high bun

High bun hair is always the most popular bridal bun hairstyle, because of its elegance, radiance, and charm. The big advantage of the high bun hairstyle is that it helps the bride look taller and more harmonious thanks to the curls that are made up. Especially, the girls will easily change the wedding dress without fear of tangled or damaged hair.

To create accents for this hairstyle you can combine with flowers or flower headbands. And do not ignore the indispensable accessory that is a stylish chiffon scarf.

With this hair design, girls should wear light makeup to help them look more delicate and radiant.

6. Gentle tangled hair

The messy bun hairstyle is no stranger to girls. On the big day, the messy bun is still effective and brings sweet beauty to the bride. This bridal bun hairstyle is suitable for girls with long and curly hair.

To increase her seductive beauty, she did not forget the gentle chiffon scarf. Moreover, when combining bun hair with a high neck wedding dress, the bride will have an elegant and classic look full of charm. And a beautiful flower hairpin will help the bride be more feminine.


Above are the top 6 most popular bridal hairstyles for winter 2021,¬† surely future brides have chosen for themselves a suitable style, right. Hopefully with the above bun hairstyles will help the bride confidently shine her beauty more on the biggest day. Wishing the bridesmaids will always be beautiful and happy on their wedding day. Don’t forget to follow reputable wedding websites to receive more discount codes, coupons to help you save more!