Canon MG3620 Color Printer

Canon MG3620 Color Printer Installation & Wireless Setup? Do It Now!

The Canon MG3630 printer is a WiFi-connected colorful inkjet technology wireless printer. It completely performs all the functions & printing quality is very high. Through this printer, you can simply print, copy, fax, & scan the documents. The basic & special feature of this wireless printer is all-in-one. The WiFi network is very compatible with this printer. Then, you can also remotely print the documents. The smart button is built-in on the upper side of the Canon MG3620 color printer.

With this button, you can simply & effortlessly print, copy, & scan the documents. You can also approach color & white documents with this all-in-one printer. The smartphone, PC, or Laptop device is completely compatible with the MG3620 wireless all-in-one printer. Then, through this device easily & completely print the documents. 

The input tray of the Canon PIXMA MG3620 wireless all-in-one printer is also more powerful. You can also simply input 60 sheets at a time. The printing speed of this printer is different. The black image speed is 9.9 images per minute. Additionally, the color speed is 5.7 images per minute. The Canon PRINT app is also available, by which you can share e documents on your mobile phone. 

Why is installation necessary for the Canon MG3620 color printer?

The Canon MG3620 wireless all-in-one printer offers more convenience & simplicity for printing needs. You can simply print & scan the documents anywhere from your home through the app. The wireless capabilities are there of this wireless printer. If you wish to print the document with this printer then the installation is necessary.

Without installing the wireless printer, you are also not able to print as well as copy your essential documents. Besides, you can quickly print 2-sided your essential documents and cut down your paper usage by up to 50%. Thus, to print or copy the documents the installation of the MG3620 printer is also most necessary. 

How to install a Canon MG3620 Color Printer? 

If you wish to install the Canon MG3620 wireless all-in-one printer, then you need to select the position. Without installing the printer, you are not able to perform the canon mg3620 setup. The location of this printer is clean & also flat surface. If the wireless printer is a new one, then you need to open the packaging box & remove the packaging material. Now, you also need to plug the AC power cord into the power connector of the printer. The AC power adapter is plugged into the power supply. 

Now, unpack the ink cartridge & insert them into the MG3620 wireless printer slots. You can install the suitable paper into the printer paper tray. On the computer that securely connects to the printer, downloads the printer’s driver. Without installing the driver you are not able to share the documents. 

Wireless setup of Canon MG3620 Color Printer

The setup of the Canon Pixma wireless printer is most important. Without the setup, you are not able to print or copy the documents. If you wish to perform the setup, then you can also do it with the Canon PRINT app. Here are some steps to perform the setup. 

Install Canon Print App 

To perform the wireless setup of the Canon Pixma all-in-one printer, you also need to install the app. Before installing the app, ensure the network connectivity in your mobile phone. If the mobile phone does not connect to the WiFi network, then the app does not install. By using a single password & username, the mobile phone simply connects to the WiFi network. 

From Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search the Canon PRINT app. Now, you can also tap the download option. Now, the downloading of the Canon PRINT app is starting. 

Connect the Canon PIXMA MG3620 printer to the app

After installing the app, you need to connect the wireless all-in-one printer to the App. Just open the app on your mobile phone, a sign-in page is pop-up also. On this page, tap the sign-in option. It asks for the login credentials to properly sign in to the page. Mention the login details in the available field. Afterward, tap the login option to properly log in to the printer account. 

Connect the Canon MG3620 wireless all-in-one printer setup 

On the homepage of the canon PRINT App, you see the + icon. With this icon, you can also connect the printer to the mobile app. Ensure the wireless router power. If the power does not turn ON, then press the power button & completely switch ON the power. 

Visit the app setting & select the WIFi network option. Then, it will also ask for the SSID & password. Mention the network name as well as password in the available field. Tap the connect option & now the printer entirely connects to the WiFi network. 

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