Calcium supplement

Do Calcium supplement disturb your stomach? See how to intake it naturally

Calcium supplement

If you are 30 or more than it, your body wants more calcium. I have seen many people who hesitate while taking any supplements. They used to say that they do not suit us and they feel an ache in the stomach or it completely runs out. They are tired of taking expensive supplements from doctor’s prescriptions but it doesn’t work for them.

If you are one of those people suffering from this calcium deficiency in your body problem for a long, read out this blog and free yourself. I have researched and come up with these super simple amazing natural seeds supplements that are sufficient to fulfill your calcium needs.

Basil seeds

Take some quantity of seeds and soak them into 2 glasses of water overnight. On the other day, put one spoon of basil seeds in one glass of water and have it. This will assists you accomplish maximum calcium. Yes, this is as simplest as written.  Seeds are tasteless and it is better to chew them before swallow.

Cumin seeds

This is one of the seeds we all get through meals. But if you miss adding them to your lunch or dinner, you should do it from now.

Note: 100 grams of cumin seeds contain 931mg of calcium.

One of the ways to consume it is- fry them for 2 minutes on a pan (without adding oil) and grind them well. Save it in a bottle and swallow whenever you see the bottle (you can take it with a cup of water if you find difficulty in its use.

Black cumin

These seeds are the master of all seeds. You can get maximum benefits from them more than you wonder. Yes, black cumin is rich in calcium too. Take one teaspoon of honey and sprinkle some cumin seeds over it. Try to lick this twice a day.


Cheese and other dairy products are the best sources to get rid from of calcium lack. Your body absorbs a good amount of calcium from dairy products than from other plant sources. The greater advantage to take cheese is that it is naturally low in lactose, making it easier for people to digest. So, now no excuse is given that cheese will heavy our stomach! It also helps to make your metabolic system work good which ultimately fastens other body functions.

Eat more fish

Children and most adults are seen to run away from fish because of those irritating “thorns” over it. If you are too one of those people, skip this bad habit right now. Fish is the super- duper source of calcium and Vitamins. No matter what your taste is or how much you dislike it, you have to eat fish.

(If you used to live at a warmer place, try to skip eating fish during in extremely hot days). You can get flawless skin and nails by having fish in your meal. Fish capsules are also there but taking a piece of fish is quite good.

Dry fruits can do it too

Make a container for you containing all dry fruits.  Some of the higher calcium gaining dry-fruits are:

  • Almonds: They are found high in the level of sugar coming with great snacking options. Almonds are also high in anti-oxidants and contain zero cholesterol. So, next time you eat almonds you must think that you are consuming calcium in a better way.
  • Walnuts: This dry-fruit is too delicious with nutrition. Loaded with omega-3, fatty acids, dietary fibers, calcium, and proteins. Take them early in the morning and get immediate results.
  • Pistachios: Pistachios are good for the heart as they help in lowering bad cholesterol levels. They also help prevent diabetes and boost immunity.
  • Dates: They are the favorite of the majority of people. Dates contain limitless benefits and give the ultimate energy. Not only calcium but it has several other uses too. It is considered to provide relief from constipation, apart from treating anemia.

Take a good intake of it even you are Vegetarian

Usually, non-veg people get more intake of calcium because they are consuming calcium (yogurt, milk, cheese) from various dairy and meat products. Nature has put everybody in comfort and presented each thing with different qualities. So, the good sources for non-veg to attain calcium are

  • Fortified soy, rice, and oat drinks (You can make this powerful drink by soaking soybeans overnight. The next morning, blend them with 3 cups of water. Drain it with a light piece of cloth and add one spoon of sugar/honey for taste.
  • Pulses
  • Brown and white bread
  • Sesame seeds