Asus AC1900 Router

Effectively Enable the WiFi Protection on the Asus AC1900 Router

The Asus AC1900 Router is a dual-band router with an AiMesh system. Moreover, the Asus wifi router had four Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB ports. Along with this, it also includes an ethernet cable. Moreover, it offers you the high-security features that protect the data with proper respect to authenticating, software updates, encryption, resistance, or many more.

These security features are totally based on the analysis of the network traffic, testing, and public documentation. Besides, it provides you full data privacy in which it first collects your data and shares it to enhance the network connection. Therefore, this analysis is based on the available material or public user interference.

In addition, the Asus AC1900 Router offers you a lot of upgrade features that support the WPS connection as well. Also, you can enable the guest network control on a particular band. And a yes to parental control, prioritization, an ethernet cable, with easy mobile setup. Unfortunately, it does not update the firmware of the Asus router automatically. You need to check for the update once a month, to avoid lagging and interruption on the system.  

Emerging ways to enable firewall protection on the Asus AC1900 Router 

The Asus AC1900 manual offers you the security features that provide a full security system to the home network. Moreover, the Asus wifi router is powered by the fifth Era and that is the brand new chipset with superfast Gigabit speeds. Additionally, it helps to deliver the ultimate performance with a fast covering range. Along with that, you rapidly set up the Asus router with your home network if you are tech-savvy.

If you are setting up the system for the first time then it takes more than ten minutes. Besides, you have an alternate setup option. You can use the WPS Button, set up with the Asus app, Web GUI. Well, in order to enable firewall protection on the Asus router, refer to this complete article.

General Asus router Firewall settings

As you know, the Asus AC1900 Router provides a hardware firewall for your home network connection.  Thus the function is enabled as a default. In case, if you configure the settings already of the router. And you mistakenly disable this feature and now you don’t know how to enable it. Then read it further. So basically, you want to set up the general firewall settings. Well, click on the navigation panel, and from that click on the advanced settings. Now click on the general tab. 

After that click on the enable firewall field and confirm the settings by pressing the yes button. Moreover, simply enable the DoS protection as well. Therefore click on the yes button to protect the network from denial of service attacks. It may also affect the speed or the performance of the wifi router. After that, tap the apply button. 

Asus wifi router URL Filtration 

In this method, you can deny access to specific URLs or web addresses. You can also try this method when the Asus router login not working correctly. In case, the client has accessed the DNS server without your prior information then it will automatically block the connection. In order to resolve this blocking situation. You can simply clear the DNS caches before you set up the URL filtration on the Asus router. Visit the advanced settings section and then tap on the URL Filter tab. However, click on the enabled button and enable the URL filter field. Lastly, tap on the apply button

Keyboard Filtration of the dual-band wifi router

In the keyboard filtration of the Asus AC1900 Router, simply block access to the web pages which contain the specified keywords. Moreover, it is a domain name system query. In case, the client accesses the domain name without using http then it will immediately block them. Also, the web page that contains HTTP compression can’t be filtered easily.

So you also need to block those keywords as well which contain compression. In order to enable these settings, tap on the advanced firewall section and then click on the keyword filter tab. Click on the enable to and enter into the field. Therefore, type a word phrase and tap on the add button.

Asus AC1900 Router Network services filtration

Well, the network service of the Asus wifi router simply blocks or restricts the exchanges with wireless clients from accessing the internet services. If you want to set up the network filter, on the advanced settings. Tap on the yes button to enable the network filtration. Therefore, check for the black and the white list. Also, you can specify a particular day or time to access the web services. In the end, click on the apply button. 

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