15 Most Important Features To Look For In An All-in-one Printer

An all-in-one printer is a practical piece of office equipment as well as a beneficial addition to the home office. 

When shopping for an all-in-one printer, knowing what features to search for may help you.

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When it comes to printer capabilities, some are useful for all printer operations, while others, like faxing, improve productivity. 

What to Look for In an All-in-One Printer:

This part of the guide contains distinct sections for each of the key functions to look for in an all-in-one printer.

What to Look for in a Printer: Key Printer Features:

1. Speed of Printing:

A minimal requirement for print speed specifications is 10 color pages per minute and 20 black-and-white pages per minute. 

Not only is it inconvenient, but having to wait for anything to print also decreases your output.

2. Affordability of ink and paper:

Dots per inch, a metric used to evaluate print quality, should be at least 600 on a black-and-white printer. 

High-quality print outputs are possible with resolutions as low as 2400 by 1200 in black-and-and-white. 

1200 by 1200 color print quality is an acceptable minimum, while 4800 by 2400 resolution yields outstanding color prints.

3. Duty Cycle:

The duty cycle of a printer refers to how many pages should be printed in a month, on average. 

In an office environment, printers should have a high duty cycle between 20,000 and 25,000 pages. 

Most people will be OK with a 5,000-page monthly duty cycle on a personal printer at home.

4. There are Two Options: Laser or Inkjet:

While an inkjet printer may generate better-looking pictures, laser printers are more cost-effective per page than inkjets. 

Toner cartridges for laser printers are more costly, but they last far longer. 

5. The Cost of Buying New Ink:

When purchasing an all-in-one printer, consider the cost of ink replenishment and the anticipated yield of the ink or toner cartridge. 

Calculating the cost per page is as simple as dividing the cartridge cost by the anticipated yield. 

Be sure to account for the cost of color cartridges, too.

Scanner Features You Should Know About:

6. Type of Scanner:

Scanner components come in two flavors, which a lot of people are not aware of. 

Scanning graphic files are preferably using a charged device scanner. 

7. Resolution of Scanner:

High-quality reproductions need a scanner that catches at least 1200 by 600 pixels, while a scanner resolution of 4800 by 4800 pixels provides excellent-quality pictures.

8. Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

OCR (optical character recognition) software is an essential part of scanner software since it converts scanned text into a document that can be accessed and modified in word-processing software like Microsoft Word.

Copy Features:

9. Copy Speed:

A scanner’s ability to make copies of images quickly is important. 

Waiting for numerous copies to print may reduce productivity in the same way that a sluggish printer does. 

The minimum copy speed for an all-in-one printer is 25 pages per minute.

10. Size of Copied Documents:

An all-in-one printer’s ability to reduce or increase the size of a duplicated picture straight from the scanner table is a convenient feature. 

Most copier printers allow for document scaling ranging from 25% to 400%.

Fax Features of an all-in-one Printer:

11. Automatic Feeder for Documents:

A document feeder removes the need to manually scan each page of document one at a time

It enables you to put a stack of documents to be sent as fax on the feeder tray.

12. Pages Saved in a Fax Machine’s Memory:

You can transmit faxes with a certain amount of page memory because of the way they are sent. 

100-page fax memory is very minimum.

13. Page Turning Speed in Fax:

When printing documents, an all-in-one printer should be fast enough to transmit them via fax in under five seconds.

General Features:

14. In Terms of Network Connectivity:

It is possible to set up a wireless home or office network using an all-in-one printer that is Wi-Fi compatible. 

15. Compatibility with Memory Cards:

Using the all-in-memory one’s card slot is optional, but if it is something you want to do, check sure the card slots are compatible with your memory card.

Bottom line:

When shopping for a printer, keep in mind that both print speed and print quality are essential considerations. 

However, there are other factors to consider than just how fast and how well it prints. 

We wish you luck with your quest!