How are Android and iOS operating systems different from each other?

As media communication is growing day by day, mobile has taken a significant place in it. To design a mobile application or system software is not an effortless task at all. It requires a big amount of energy, knowledge, and skills. According to a statistical survey, the number of mobile phone users in 2021 is about 7.1 billion and it is expected to increase by 7.49 billion in 2025. 

Android and iOS become more popular as this technology easily connects a person to person whether when it comes to business or any organization connection. By using it, people feel more comfortable than others. Numerous agencies are working to provide free web design, website development consultants, and design software development.

Android mobile application development


Android mobile application development is becoming the most used phenomenon in the world as there are more than 3 million android apps present in the play store. And we couldn’t deny the fact people used Android more than iOS because of its easy-to-use interface and the various options available to users. It contains an ideal graphical user interface that makes it easier for it to connect to the audience and gives them a striking appreciation and looks which make them crazier about it. Hence, Android development is significant and we couldn’t deny more from it. Now, the list of the best android development companies that will provide you with the best opportunities to make your name in this industry.


Smartphones, which contain more accessibility, capability and arrived in the late 90s. Google Android and Apple iOS are operating systems used as technology in mobile phones or usually in tablets. Android, which is Linux-based, is more often to operate easily on Personal Computers and customized according to user preference from top to bottom. However, sometimes iOS functions and performance become more user-friendly. 

Whether you are going to change your phone or switch it from Android to iOS or vice versa, you should keep in mind that it will require you to buy apps from Google Play or Apple App Store. Android is one of the world’s most used operating systems used in smartphones and other phone manufacturer companies, while IOS is only used in Apple’s products, like the iPhone. Here we are going to discuss the main difference between iOS and Android.

1- File transference


All media files can easily be transferred from android to any other device like the desktop app and phones can also be transferred through USB. While in iOS, files can only be transferred through the iTunes desktop app.

2- Internet browsers


In Android, Google Chrome is mainly used as a common internet browser but other browsers are available too. You can also set any browser app as default. Ad Blocking is supported by Firefox. While on iOS, Safari is used as an internet browser. You can also use your browsers but the Safari/Web Kit remains on behind the scenes.

3- Backups for videos and photos


In Android, an automatic backup starts when you click a picture or save a video. Google Photos allow unlimited backups at compressed quality. Amazon, Dropbox, and others are alternatives. While in iOS, only 5GB of iCloud space is available for free backup. Further, paid versions of iCloud are available.

4- User Interface


There are many similarities between Android and iOS touch interfaces. The use of swiping, tapping, pinching,d zoom. On Android, a user can easily get access to different widgets which contain customizable most used icons. While the iOS user interface features a dock where users can pinch their most frequently used applications.

5- User Experience


In most Android tablets and smartphones, there is a back button for personal navigation. While in iOS, users experience a back-to-back screen and a home button. While looks and feels are different in many apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Facebook.

6- Calls and Messaging


In Android, all third-party messages work like Google message, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Duo. While in iOS, images, and Facetime, and other third-party messages all work on iOS too.

7- Battery Life and other Managements


Many but not all Android phones have battery lives that run longer. But if we compare Android battery life to iOS, it results that Apple batteries are generally not as big as the largest Android batteries but they are now able to improve their battery life by optimizing their hardware/software.


Hence, Android and IOS both operate on the same features excluding specifics. They both have some pros and cons in their development and designing process. This Android and iOS development help you to grow in branding as Android development has become the most important and prestigious in the 21st century. Know more about top IT companies in 2021 and make your way towards achievement.