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How Do Betting Odds Work In Casino & Sports Betting

The working mechanism and technical aspect of sports and casino betting odds, run on the basic terms. In this respective betting niche, you will come across three types of odds.

The fractional odds belong to the British betting community. In addition, the decimal odds are linked with the European community and the money line odds are linked with the American community.

There is just a slight difference between these betting odds and all three of them offer somewhat the same payout.

How Fractional Odds Work In Casino & Sports Betting?

Here you can understand how functional odds work when it comes to the niches of sports and casino betting.

You can call these fractional odds with the name of British odds or UK odds, or they are also known as traditional odds. These odds have become quite popular among these Irish and also British bookies.

In addition, these odds are written with a “slash (/)” or they are at times written with a “hyphen (-),”. Besides, to know more about royal1688, you can click on the link.

Keep in mind that these Fractional odds are excessively used by the world’s largest bookmakers. They have become the most preferred odds worldwide. If you have got a fractional listing of 6/1 odds, it means that you are going to win $6 against each $1 you wage. You will also be receiving and getting back the dollars that you have wagered and bet on!

How Decimal Odds Work In Casino & Sports Betting?

Now, you should know how these decimal odds work in the categories of sports and casino betting. Most importantly, decimal odds are given the name of European odds and digital odds. You can even call them as continental odds. These betting odds have gained immense popularity in continental Europe, and also in countries like Australia, New Zealand. Besides, these odds are easier to understand. Note down that these decimal odds numbers show the amount that you have won for every $1 wagered. In other words, the number represents and showcases the total payout, rather than just showing the profit.

How Money Line Odds Work in Casino & Sports Betting?

The last part of this piece of writing will tell you how money line odds work and function in sports betting. They are called American odds or US odds. They are popular in the United States. If we talk about the odds for favorites, it is seen that they are accompanied by the sign of minus. This sign is an indicator that you have to stake $100 to win the respective bet.

On the other hand, the odds for underdogs come with a positive sign and this is an indication of the total amount that you will be winning for every $100 staked.  The plus point of both of these cases is that you will be betting back your initial wager and also the total amount you won!

We can give you an example if you have decided to bet Duke, and that is listed and marked as the favorite. Moreover, Duke is believed to be possessed with a higher implied and winning probability, it means that you need to bet $760 so that you can win up to $100. Besides, if the Duke wins and comes out victorious, then you will win $100 along with a total payout amount of $860.

This comes also an important indication that Duke possesses a much higher winning probability and you can later on bet on it as well for the upcoming round of the NCAA Tournament.


We are hopeful that readers have gained a clear-cut understanding of how these betting odds work in sports betting. Meanwhile, you can share with us your understanding and always stay tuned with us so that more updates on the casino betting world can be conveyed to you.