How Many Socks Should A Person Own To Make The Perfect Wardrobe

How Many Socks Should A Person Own To Make The Perfect Wardrobe

Being a socks addict is not shameful at all. Wearing socks is a good thing as it provides you with great benefits.

Socks keep your feet protected from germs and bacteria. They also protect your shoes from stains by absorbing all the moisture.

There are different types of socks available in the market.

Many people stock a lot more than they need in their wardrobe.

So the question is,

How Many Socks Should A Person Own To Make The Perfect Wardrobe?

The average number of socks a person needs in their wardrobe is almost 10-12. But it’s not specific. Because every person’s needs are different and choice is different too.

To make a perfect socks wardrobe you need to figure out the usage and requirements:

  • If you are athletic or do daily exercise then you need 7 pairs of athletic socks.

           And if you are suffering from swelling or chronic pain due to any reason you can wear compression socks.

If you need any information related to compression socks you can check the best compression socks for men reviews.

  • If you are a single and busy person and only do laundry once a week then you need to have almost 8 pairs of everyday socks.

 You need to change your socks daily 7 days a week. And if one gets missed a place don’t worry you have the 8th one as a backup option.

  • If you are a fashionholic and need matching or complementing socks then you may require every color of sock. So that these socks can go with all of your garments.

Every time you buy a dress buy matching socks also.

  • If you are a diabetic patient then it will be very hard for you to choose socks for you. 

You need doctors’ suggestions as you are not allowed to wear casual ones.

  • If you are traveling you need to carry a little extra pair of socks.

Because during traveling there are more chances of missing places and you may not be able to buy them.

If you are staying or camping in a cool place you may need to wear two socks. So keeping a little more never harms you.

And the socks are very small too so they didn’t occupy much space in your backpacks.

How Many Socks Should I Buy?

Firstly you need to know about your needs. There’s no need to buy lots of socks. 

The more socks you own the more difficult it will be for you to organize them.

If you want 7 pairs of socks for a week and you are getting 10 in a combo pack. 

Go for the combo pack as they are much cheaper. So it will be a good deal for you.

Quality over quantity:

Lower-quality socks come in more quantity. But these are of no use. You have to buy them again and again. They also occupy more space in your wardrobe.  

High-quality socks may cost you slightly more. But these are long term investments. These are also comfortable. Ther reduces the stress of your feet.

Style, Color, Material:

These 3 things also matter the most.

You have to select the type of socks first.

If we talk about style, basic socks are of 3 types.

No-Shoe socks: 

If you want to wear socks and don’t want people to know then you can go for No-Shoe socks. They look perfect in shorts or casual outfits.

Ankle socks:

Best socks for the gym or exercise. These are slightly above the ankle. They provide great comfort to your ankles and also protect them.

Mid-calf socks:

These socks work best for formal outfits. You can wear them to work or on occasions. They provide great arch support.

Moving towards the materials:

Cotton, wool, and polyester work best for you. These fabrics are the most comfortable.


 is a breathable fabric so it’s best for summer.


 is a fabric suitable for winter. It will keep your feet warm all day and night.


It’s a synthetic fabric. It will keep your feet dryer.

Color depends on your needs. But white, blue, black, and skin are the safest choice.  


Hope this article will help you in making the perfect wardrobe for your socks.