How much does a moving company cost in Canada?

Moving companies are businesses that specialize in helping people move from one place to another. They provide services such as packing, transporting, unpacking, storage, and even movers.

Many moving companies in Canada charge high prices because of the costs associated with running a business. These include paying rent, utilities, insurance and other expenses. However, you can save some cost by doing some research and choosing the right option.

We asked Emily from Move Ottawa for some tips on how to save time and money on residential and commercial moves. She recommends moving during the off seasons and getting quotes from several local businesses. 

Following are some more tips:

Different types of movers

The first step is to decide the type of mover or moving help you need. Different types of movers will charge differently.

1) Full-service movers:

These are the most expensive types of mover. They pack everything you need for your move, transport it to your new home or office and unpack it at your destination. The full-service mover will also help you move any items you have packed yourself. Rates for full-service movers start at $1000 per move.

2) Do-it-yourself movers:

They do not offer all the services listed above. Instead, they only load and transport the things you want them to. You must pack or secure all items on your own. Cost for do-it-yourself movers start from $500.

3) Self-storage movers:

They store your belongings while you go through your move. When you’re ready to take possession of your goods, they come back and pick up what you stored. These movers can either be self-storage movers or local movers. A self-storage mover will deliver your stuff to a storage facility near your new home. If you choose this option, make sure there are enough units available. Local movers will drive around your neighborhood looking for an empty garage or driveway where you can park the truck.

Storage solutions are usually quite cheap. Self-storage movers packages start from $600 per move.

4) Labor only movers:

These movers will arrive at your old location and start loading your boxes onto trucks. Once they’ve loaded everything into the truck, they leave. There’s no packing, no unpacking, no storage. This is perfect if you’re moving across town or just need some extra hands. You can hire the services of labor-only movers at just $250.

5) Flat rate movers:

These mover charge a flat fee based on how many cubic feet of space you require. For example, if you need 10 cubic feet of space, you will pay $100.

6) PODS (Pack & Offload Service) movers:

These movers use a combination of a truck and a trailer. The truck carries your belongings, while the trailer holds the boxes. After arriving at your new home, the movers put the boxes inside your house. Then they remove the boxes from the trailer and stack them in your living room.

7) Long distance movers:

These movers travel long distances and will provide you with a quote after assessing your situation. Long distance moves will cost a lot more for obvious reasons. A long distance movers can cost as much as $2000 depending on the distance.

8) Air freight movers:

These movers specialize in moving heavy items by air freight. They usually work with large corporations. Air freight movers 

9) International movers:

These movers can handle international moves. They may charge more than domestic movers due to the additional fees they incur when shipping overseas.

10) Professional movers:

These moverse specialize in moving very valuable items. They often require special equipment and training.

11) Relocation movers:

These movere specialize in relocating senior citizens. They focus on providing comfort during the relocation process. 

12) House movers:

These movert specialize in moving houses. They typically charge less money than commercial movers.

These are not the only types. There are others like piano movers, furniture movers, or hot tub movers. Knowing and choosing the right type can help you save on your moving cost. For example, if you have got family members or friends to help with packing and loading, you will only need someone with a truck.

How to save money on moving?

1) Don’t pack yourself – hire professional movers to do it for you.

2) Hire a moving company that offers free estimates.

3) Ask for discounts – most companies offer discounts for multiple moves within a year.

4) Use a reputable moving company – ask friends and family about their experiences.

5) Get references before hiring – check online reviews and ratings.

6) Buy insurance – it protects you against damage and theft.

7) Check out the company’s website – look for testimonials and customer feedback.

Make sure the company has a good reputation. Look for a company that provides written contracts – you have legal proof.