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How To Safely Buy a Refurbished Smartphone?

When it’s no longer possible to repair your smartphone, have you considered buying reconditioned phones? Buying a refurbished phone instead of a new one provides a number of advantages, but you should do your research beforehand.

Refurbished phones make up a modest percentage of total industry sales. However, they can be a terrific alternative for anyone trying to save money—especially these days, when a new model can easily cost over $1,000. A reconditioned iPhone XR with 128 gigabytes of storage costs $470 on Apple’s website, for example. A new XR with that much storage will set you back $550. A reconditioned Galaxy S20 is available for $650 via Samsung, and it’s pretty much the only way to get one. Consumer Reports gave all three S20 models high marks, although they were withdrawn early this year. The Galaxy S21, the most recent version, will set you back $800. Our testing reveals the truth.

According to a spring 2018 study, CR members were generally pleased with such purchases, as well as their entire shopping experience. 82 percent of the 3,211 respondents who stated they bought a refurbished phone since January 1, 2016, said they were very happy with it. In fact, 67 percent of owners of refurbished phones reported they had no problems in our poll. That’s just a smidgeon behind the 69 percent of new smartphone owners who agreed. Karen Jaffe, who oversaw CR’s refurbished phone poll, said, “People are significantly more satisfied with refurbished phones than I would have anticipated.”

What Does It Mean To Have a Smartphone That Has Been “Refurbished”?

Although there is no official definition for “refurbished” products, it often refers to a smartphone that has been used (even if only to take it out of the box) and then returned to a company (maker, carrier, or store) for some tests and phone repairs (if any).

Know What You’re Buying

Every company has its own definition of reconditioned. The basic line is that you’re purchasing a used phone, which was most likely purchased a year or two ago and then traded in for a discount on a new device. Apple claims that the refurbished phones it sells online and in stores are restored using the same replacement parts as new models. They come with a brand-new battery, outer shell, wires, and attachments, as well as a brand-new white box.

The reconditioned phones sold on Samsung’s website are held to the same high standards. It claims a one-year warranty and restoration to “like new” condition. Other merchants’ reconditioned phones, on the other hand, may or may not include fresh batteries. Only 52% of those who responded to our study claimed their model came with one. The majority (89 percent) claimed the phone came with a charging cord, but considerably fewer indicated it came with the manufacturer’s original earbuds.

So look for “certified pre-owned” merchandise. If they don’t fulfil that criterion, inquire about the vendor’s restoration method, specifically whether it covers battery replacement, standard accessories, and manufacturer-supplied parts.Start your purchasing at Amazon, the Apple Store, Consumer Cellular, and eBay. In our poll of refurbished phone retailers, they all received high rates for overall satisfaction. Among the lower-rated possibilities are AT&T and Verizon. Make Certain You’re Safe: Avoid buying refurbished items that don’t come with a warranty. Apple and Samsung both offer a one-year warranty on reconditioned phones. The warranty at Amazon and Best Buy is only good for 90 days. Many credit card providers may cover reconditioned items if they have a warranty.

Inquire About The Return Policy

If the phone has a technical issue, it may take some time for it to be fixed. As a result, we recommend choosing a merchant that allows you to return it for at least a month. That is something Amazon does. You have only two weeks at the Apple Store and Best Buy. However, much like with warranties, if a shop refuses to accept your return, your credit card provider may be able to assist you.

These are some of the very important factors that should be kept in mind before buying a refurbished smartphone. By following these steps there is a good chance that you will get the most amazing handset.