Deco S4 Mesh System

How To Setup A Guest Network For Tplink Deco S4 Mesh System?

The Tp-Link deco s4 is the latest 802.11ac wireless communication standard mesh WiFi system. It offers better network coverage than the traditional router as well as a range extender. This WiFi system works with deco mesh technology that absolutely provides a better Wifi experience in all rooms of your house. The wireless range has a faster & more strong WIFi network signal. The wireless range covers your entire home. Moreover, the Tp-link deco s4 mesh system allows you to enjoy network coverage of up to 5,500 sq. ft.

The network connectivity completely kills the WiFi dead zone. No more dead zones are there with this deco unit. The deco unit comes along with 3 units then provides seamless network coverage. 

The tp-link deco s4 WiFi mesh system is more stable & seamless WiFi. You can simply enjoy the seamless roaming with the deco unit. Additionally, the deco unit has 2 gigabit Ethernet ports. This port is usually more helpful for wired devices. The setup of the tp link deco s4 setup  is simple & not complicated. Just use the deco app on your mobile phone & effortlessly perform the wireless setup in a quick way. 

What is the guest network for Tp-link Deco S4 Mesh System?

The Tp-link deco s4 WIFi system 802.11ac network standard & dual-band network built-in wireless system. With this system, all WiFi-enabled devices are compatible. The operating system of the deco unit is Linux. The 6 ports are built-in on the back interface of the router.  Furthermore, the guest network feature is enabled in the mesh system. This feature is usually more useful for the guest. 

If you wish to share the network with your guest then you need to create the guest network. The guest network is specially designed for your guest that visits your home. This network is usually safer for the guest. Thus, the guest network is a special network for the guest. 

Why do we need to create the Tp-link Deco S4 Mesh System?

The Tp-link deco mesh system delivers better network coverage. The three units of the deco system seamlessly create the WiFi mesh network. The network connectivity completely covers the 5,500 sq. feet area. If you wish to share the internet connection of the deco unit, then you need to create the guest network. 

The guest network features are usually designed for guests. Thus, to share the network for your guest, then the guest network creation is needed. 

Setup A Guest Network For Tplink Deco S4 Mesh System

To create the guest network, you need to connect your mobile phone to the network. Then, install the deco app & securely set up the guest network. 

Connect the mobile phone to the network

To download the deco app, you need to connect your mobile phone to the network. With the WiFi network, you are not able to download the deco app. If you connect your mobile phone to the network, then you can connect your phone to the deco unit’s network. Because this network is more secure & stable. Turn On the deco & visit the network setting.

Locate the tp-link deco name in the following WiFi network list. After choosing the network name of the mesh system, mention the password. As soon as you mention the password, click the connect option. Now, your mobile phone securely connects to the deco unit network. 

Download the deco app

After connecting the mobile phone to the WiFi network, you need to use the phone’s camera. Because the QR code is available on the back interface of the deco. Just scan this QR code by using the mobile phone’s camera. Then, you directly visit the deco app page. On this page, you have to tap the download option to download this app. 

Alternatively, you can also download the app by visiting the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After that, in the search bar, you need to search the deco app. 

Create the guest network 

You can open the tp-link deco app, & the sign-in page is pop-up. On the sign-in page, you use default username & password information. This information is placed on the following login option. Then, click the login option. 

On the homepage of the deco app, tap the Wi-Fi option. On the list, you also select the guest network. If the guest network feature is disabled, then you need to click the status option. Through this option, you should enable the guest network. Enable the 2.4GHz network or 5GHz network, if you want. Configure the network as well as SSID(Network Name). Select the security, if you do not enable the security then tap the None option. On the top side, the save option is available, tap this option. 

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