Learn how to FIX HBO Max not working on Firestick

Are you a user of HBO MAX facing trouble using the HBO MAX app on the fire stick? It is not a problem anymore. In this blog, you will find the right ways to resolve all the HBO MAX.

Follow the steps mentioned below and fix the issue.

Fix HBO MAX not working on Fire stick

Some of the apps of HBO stopped working a few days back as HBO released an updated version. The updated app now shows the message “unsupported version”. If you are still using the previous version of the app, re-install it. It is easily available at the https://www.amazon.com/ .

Let’s start with the first step.

1.      Uninstall the HBO app on Fire stick

Read these instructions to uninstall the app installed from Amazon.

  • Go to settings by using the Fire TV’s navigation bar.
  • Click and select the application menu.
  • Now select manage installed applications option to fix HBO MAX.
  • Drag down and scroll to select the app that is to uninstall.
  • Uninstall the app.
  • When the notification of confirmation comes, select uninstall.
  • The app is successfully removed now. If the app is still visible on the device, you must have a cloud app available. So, turn on the Hide cloud apps option.

2.      Update HBO MAX on Fire stick

It is an amazing feature of Fire TV’s that they automatically update the apps. For it, you need to enable the automatic update option to fix HBO MAX not working. But wait! We have a secret trick to check whether the app is updated or not.  Follow the steps for it.

  • Search the app that you want to update on the Fire TV’s home screen.
  • Select the home button and then select the “apps” option.
  • Click the menu button and it will appear. After it, select the more info option.
  • Click the update button manually to make the app update.
  • If you see no option, uninstall the app and reinstall it.

How to Sideload HBO MAX APK on Amazon Fire stick?

1.      Determine Fire TV model and OS

The steps of sideloading differ depending on the type of Fire TV model and generation you are using. If you are not aware about the information use the informer app.

2.      Install the downloader app

Install it in the Downloader app in the Amazon App store. Don’t open it in this step.

3.      Developer option

Go to the developer option into the settings to fix HBO MAX.

4.      Enabling of apps

Select the install unknown app option, drag down to choose downloader, and change its settings to ON.

5.      Open downloader

As you open the app, you will be asked to allow Downloader access to files on your device. You must grant permission.

6.      Enter the URL and download your APK.

7.      Install APK.

8.      Open the sideloaded app.

Finally the app is successfully launched.

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