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Top 5 Benefits of Owning an Electric Car in the UAE

As the UAE progresses towards a more sustainable and cleaner transport system, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among car owners in the UAE. Motorists who own electric vehicles (EVs) reap several benefits such as no fuel expenses, free charging, and free parking stations across the UAE. Moreover, one of the biggest perks of owning a zero emissions vehicle is that unlike petrol cars, EVs are not affected by constantly changing fuel prices.

The interest in electric vehicles increased considerably as UAE invested heavily on EV infrastructure and initiated several initiatives that encouraged more car owners to exchange their petrol cars with electric ones. The Ministry of Energy’s incentive programme launched in 2017 aims to improve the sales of EVs in Dubai by 10 percent by 2030 and hopes to bring down greenhouse gas emissions by 16% by 2021, decreasing UAE’s overall carbon footprint. In fact, since then, more than 750 charging stations have been set up across the country.

Dubai has also taken major steps to promote a greener and cleaner transport system. In Dubai, RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) has given electric vehicle owners free Salik tags and free parking slots, along with free charging (till December 2021). EV registration is also free. In other cities, EV registration is free or reduced.

Industry experts believe that by offering the above-mentioned incentives, there will be an upward growth and demand for electric vehicles across the UAE. If you are still wondering whether you should upgrade to an EV or not, read about the top 5 benefits of owning an EV vehicle below.

Electric Vehicles Are Better for the Environment

Unlike petrol cars, electric vehicles don’t emit any toxic fumes into the environment. Since fully electric vehicles don’t have an exhaust system, they produce zero emissions. These vehicles are environment friendly as they don’t emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. Car exhaust fumes of petrol cars contain certain poisonous chemicals, including carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, and soot. These substances are not just dangerous for the environment but are also detrimental to human health if inhaled in large quantities.

Electric vehicles can massively help prevent many adverse health issues that may arise due to the exposure of these harmful gases. Once more and more people opt to buy electric vehicles, the UAE residents will have a much cleaner and more improved environment.

Electric Vehicles Have an Outstanding Performance

Since electric vehicles utilise electric power, its design and functionality are optimised to achieve a superior and a more refined performance. Listed below are some key performance elements that set EVs apart from traditional petrol or diesel vehicles.

Smooth and quiet running

When running on full electric power, electric vehicles promise a peaceful and quiet ride as opposed to the sharp noise of a traditional engine. The electric motors of an EV are brushless DC motors that are designed to decrease the noise coming out of the motors as the vehicle is being driven. This remarkable feature not only offers an enhanced driving experience but also reduces noise pollution.

Instant acceleration

When compared with a traditional engine, EVs can achieve maximum torque faster than a gasoline or diesel-powered car. The electric motor inside generates torque with the help of electric currents that produces the necessary force to get the car moving quicker than a conventional vehicle.

Regenerative and intelligent braking

There is a lot of energy loss that occurs when drivers use brakes to slow down for stop signs or traffic lights. Electric vehicles reduce this loss by using the motor to slow down the car when the foot is taken off the accelerator. The energy is sent back into the battery that allows for an increased driving range. Many electric vehicles enable the driver to adjust the regeneration effect to suit their driving style.

EVs Are Relatively Affordable to Maintain

Electric vehicles don’t need oil changes since they don’t utilise a gasoline or diesel engine. An electric car owner wouldn’t have to be faced with costly repairs associated with a petrol or diesel engine. Hence, the maintenance cost of electric vehicles is relatively lower than its conventional counterpart.

EVs are also not affected by fluctuating fuel prices so EV car owners can easily manage their monthly fuel expenses. The fuel prices all over the world, including UAE, are unpredictable and volatile, so switching to an EV is an economical option in the long run.

 As the demand for EVs has grown, the UAE government is committed to increasing the number of charging stations across the country. An electric vehicle on average covers 100 miles per charge that is a much more cost-effective option than the mileage provided by a diesel or petrol vehicle.

Best Incentives to Own an Electric Vehicle in the UAE

There have been great incentives for electric vehicle owners and buyers in the UAE. Owners of electric vehicles in Dubai can receive several benefits, including free parking and Salik tags. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers the incentives to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the emirates in line with its support of Dubai’s Green Mobility Strategy. Many places in Dubai are offering free parking spots that are exclusive to Dubai licensed electric vehicle owners till July 2022. Owners of electric vehicles do not have to approach RTA to use these spots as the listed electric vehicles will be automatically exempt from parking fees.

In addition to this, owners of electric vehicles will also get a free Salik tag upon registration of an electric vehicle. These free Salik tags are available at any of the 13 Salik Customer service centres across the country once the EV owner submits the vehicle’s registration card.

The UAE authorities have already allocated a massive budget on incentives as they aim to have 42,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on the Dubai’s streets by 2030. The Smart Dubai Initiative in collaboration with Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA) aims to create a smarter, sustainable, and innovative Dubai by making it the ultimate green model in UAE’s EV infrastructure.

Back in 2017, The Ministry of Energy in the UAE established a comprehensive incentive programme for electric car buyers and owners. This programme is designed to encourage people to buy electric cars by offering green bank loans, insurance plans and green registration for electric cars in the UAE. Some of the main incentives that electric car owners could avail include, free parking in some areas, free vehicle registration and renewal fees, free charging stations. Additionally, a green points system is awarded to motorists who use vehicles that do not emit harmful gases and many discounts are available on buying new electric vehicles.

EVs Allow for Better Integration of Autonomous Features

Electric vehicles contribute majorly to the adoption of electric vehicles. The major reason is that autonomous technology integrates better with electric engines. Electric cars are easier for autonomous computers to drive as electric vehicles are built with drive-by-wire systems that substitute traditional mechanical controls with electronic controls, and these systems create a more compatible and flexible platform for autonomous driving technologies. 

Dubai’s Smart Mobility Strategy aims to embrace autonomous technology in vehicles to create cutting-edge city mobility. The strategy aims to provide safer, faster, and more innovative solutions to people’s driving needs. This is one of the reasons why autonomous technology and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE with the government launching so many initiatives to promote them. Moreover, EV vehicles with autonomous technology are likely to be quite popular among technology enthusiasts who want both the innovations in the same car.

Some of the Best EVs That Car Owners Can Upgrade to in the UAE

With nearly every brand coming out with more advanced electric vehicles, there are a lot of options for EV buyers in the UAE market. Listed below are the top electric vehicles that you can buy in the UAE:

  • Mercedes Benz EQC
  • Chevrolet Bolt EV
  • Porsche Taycan
  • Renault ZOE
  • Audi e-tron
  • Audi e-tron GT
  • Tesla Model S/X/3
  • MG ZS EV
  • Jaguar I-Pace
  • Peugeot 3008 PHEV
  • Hyundai Kona

How to Sell Your Old Car to Buy an Electric Vehicle in the UAE?

The demand for electric vehicles has understandably increased as EVs offer a great economy, outstanding performance, impressive travel range, low maintenance and preserve the environment with zero toxic emissions. Most importantly, electric vehicles are not affected by the ever-changing fuel prices in the UAE. Due to such benefits, EVs are an ideal alternative to petrol or diesel cars.

If you are considering switching to an electric car, you can sell your old car to a specialist car buying company through a hassle-free process. The company provides a comprehensive two-step car valuation process after which a fair and realistic price is offered to the seller.