Top Night Treks in India


India has the advantage of being naturally gifted in terms of Geographical Diversity. India has surprisingly impressive Natural Wonders. Some of them were discovered and some are still unknown to the tourists. As the light of the Moon and stars bestows upon the land of Natural Spots of India. Exploring treks in the night gives a different type of experience and adds thrills to your journey. Here are some of thee best treks. 

Skandagiri Night Trek (Bangalore) 

Skandagiri Trek is in Bangalore 80 km away from Bangalore Palace. It has Great Natural Beauty and The Charm of the Night.  You can experience being inside clouds. 8 km long trek and 4429 ft high above sea level. Papagni Math is the base camp of this trek where Many idols of deities are there. Trekkers like to start their journey from here.

Anthargange Trek (Karnataka)

Anthargange trek is 80 km away from Bangalore known for Natural Volcanic Rock Formation and is 4 km away from Kolar City, famous for its Gold Mines. Innerspring is the word related to Anthargange. Means spring that flows through Anthargange has Hill ranges that are 4021 ft. high. This trek includes Caves and Temples. This Trek is 8 km long and takes one day to complete. 

Dhotrey Tonglu Trek (West Bengal)

Dhotrey Tonglu trek is through green forests with beautiful snow-capped mountains. You will enjoy this trek at the time of night. This trek is in Darjeeling near Singalila National Park. Dhotrey is a small village with few people. This trek follows through Maneybhanjang which is 2134 meters high. This trek has a view of the Kanchendzonga trek. The best time to go on this trek is Springtime March, April, May.

Rajmachi Fort Trek (Maharashtra) 

Rajmachi Fort Trek is situated in Sahyadri Range near Mumbai-Pune Express Highway. This trek is famous for valleys, camping, trails, waterfalls, and all things nature. The trek has many spots for resting because it is Good for Night trekking.

Harishchandra gad Trek (Maharashtra) 

Harishchandra Gad trek is known as trekker’s Paradise. Located at the border of Pune near Thane and is known as the best trek of Maharashtra. Harishchandra trek has amazing viewpoints and challenging treks like Kokan Kada and Taramati. You will go through the Temple of Harishchandreshwar, Ganesh Gufa, Kedareshwar Cave, and Sapta Tirta.

Kabbal Durga Trek (Karnataka) 

Kabbal Durga Trek is in Kabbal Durga village which is 80 km away from Bangalore. This village is famous for Kabbalamma and fort which is in a state of ruins. The route is for the people who are in a good state of health and fit enough to walk on rocky terrains. It is Good to spend the Night under a star-studded sky.

Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek (Karnataka) 

The Ranganathaswamy trek is good for new learners as well as for professionals also. At the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, the Hindu temple is situated at the base of Granite Boulder. This is why religious tourists and trekkers love coming on this route. This trek is famous for Asian Elephants. 80 km away from Bangalore. 

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Devkund Waterfall Trek (Maharashtra) 

Devkund waterfall trek is in the Bhira village in Raigad district. It is close to the Western Ghats. This trek has a view of dense forests, Prettiest waterfalls, riverbeds, and lakes. There is a 5 hours journey for this from Pune. The trek is 6 km long. You can catch a glimpse of the perfect sunrise against the backdrop of huge mountains, greenery, and glistening waters. 

Kaas Plateau (Maharashtra)

It is famously known as the Maharashtra valley of flowers. Situated in Satara district. Kaas Plateau is famous for various shades of carpet with tiny flowers. These 175 species of wildflowers are on this plateau. Many Birds, Animals, and reptiles make their home on this plateau. The best time to visit this trek is from September to October. It is famous for photography. That’s why beautiful shots you will get at the edge are wonderful. 

Vikatgad Trek (Maharashtra) 

Vikatgad trek is a good Monsoon night track near Mumbai and Pune. There is the history of Shivaji Maharaj using caves storing grains. Located at Neral with beautiful views. It is a one day trek which you can start in the evening and complete till sunrise. There are also many things to do near Vikatgad.

Kalsubai Trek (Maharashtra)

Kalsubai Trek is located in Igatpuri (Maharashtra) and is at a height of 5,400 ft. You can see Green Landscapes and Multiple Landscapes during this trek to Kalsubai Temple. You will see the beautiful and blissful experience of Sunrise. 


These are some of the treks which are famous in India. Where you will experience the Star-Studded sky and mesmerizing effect of night light on our lands. Experiencing the nightlife is the advantage of this trek.