Top Resorts Near Bengaluru


Bengaluru is bustling with business,corporate, IT offices. The city is known to be India’s Silicon Valley. Bengaluru is also the capital city of Karnataka where people from every nook of India live here for their career. Bengaluru is regarded as one of India’s most progressive and liberal cities. While it boasts some pleasant parks and gardens, this city lends its name to the district of Bengaluru to which the city is perceivably the headquarters. There are plenty of tourist attractions in and around Bengaluru for tourists. 

As for the people living in Bengaluru, there are certain places around Bengaluru where you can escape the monotonous city life. Every normal person needs a break. This article brings you your perfect hideaways around Bengaluru. The outskirts of the city is filled with numerous resorts with tons of activities for their customers. These resorts are built and maintained in such a way that it  makes sure  it caters to certain demographics and their needs. Right from a one day family excursion to high-end business meets. Here are some resorts in Bangalore with top quality services and aesthetic vibes. 

Eagleton The Golf Resort

Eageleton golf course is situated at a distance of 31 kms from Bengaluru main city. This is a world class golf course which caters to Indian as well as international golf enthusiasts. The golf course is filled with challenges for golfers keeping it highly sustainable and eco-friendly. With its vast area and open spaces, the course gives off a sense of tranquility within the city limits. The place also has enclaves for the non golfer demographic on the course. Hence you can have office meets with your clients and golf enthusiasts while your family can have a good time in the same place. The resort also has spa facilities for you after a tiring day of meetings and conferences. The outdoor pool and playground is a win-win situation for you and your family. This is a 4 star property with fluctuating rates. 

Guhantara Resort

If you are looking for a day out with your family or friends filled with activities to do, Guhantara resort might just be the right fit. This countryside themed resort is situated 33kms away from Bengaluru. With its unique themed infrastructure and vibes, this resort attracts a lot of families, friends and office day outs.  This resort provides all sorts of fun activities which keep you away from the screen which you have been staring at for 6 days. The activities include; bull ride, snooker, quad bike, rope walk, zorbing ball, horse riding, dance floor, discotheque, zip line, bungee jumping and fish spa. Its unconventional infrastructure made out of stones and exposed bricks in the rooms gives you a feeling of living in a exotic cave. It aims to bring you  as close to nature as possible. With its outdoor garden and tea tables, watching sunsets from here adds value to your stay. Conveniently, the resort also provides day out packages to large groups! The resort has done a good job keeping the nature around it intact while building and planning it. This is a 3 star property with clean rooms and open infrastructure. The price ranges are affordable too.

Angana The Courtyard

Angana might not fit into the typical definition of a resort. But this place definitely deserves a visit. Whether you are from Bengaluru or not, this place will awe you with its nostalgic infrastructure and furnishing. Angana The Courtyard is 31 kms away from Bengaluru. This property takes you back in time when homes in Karnataka did not have  Italian floor finish or flat screen TVs. The property is built by rocks on the inside and wood and bamboo structures inside. Its high slanted roofs made out of red and brown tiles, wooden beds, bamboo and jute finished furniture gives you a feeling of living in the early 80s and 90s Karnataka in 21st Century. For once, you can have a different view when you look outside your window. This establishment has a step pool which resembles the one built in ancient times. The property is surrounded by greenery and swings tied by the trees nearby. This is a great destination to take a break for the weekend or even hold marriage ceremonies. The open space(Angana) in the middle is a great spot for wedding mandalas. 

Signature Club Resorts

Signature Club Resort is located near Kempegowda International Airport. This resort is evidently in the outskirts of Bangalore. This club resort’s theme is highly influenced by Mangalorean culture. The open verandas, courtyards and airy infrastructure is perfect for high-end business meetings and social gatherings. There are various villas in this resort which provide a variety of facilities in every villa. It also has an indoor pool and sports activities like squash, badminton, table tennis, yoga terrace and gym. Also, to mention the cricket ground, volleyball ground and a football ground. It is a great venue to hold meetings, conferences and events like marriage and anniversaries.