Top Things to do in Coorg


As a travel enthusiast, more than just exploring and going places, what adds value to our journey is the experience we gain out of it. Coorg, along with being a natural paradise, opens you to experiences of a lifetime and awakens the adrenaline rush you are missing out on. Among all the amazing things, we have enlisted top things to do in Coorg. Plan your Itinerary and embark yourself to a journey that is enthralling and mesmerising in itself.

Tadiandamol Trek

Coorg cannot be talked about enough without mentioning Tadiandamol trekking. Amongst the evergreen forest of Shola and lush greens enriched with flora, this trail leads you to the 5734ft high peak. The highest peak in the Kodagu district, this trail is one of the most famous treks of Coorg. The trail beginning from Kabbake Bridge transverses through the road to reach the rough terrains of Nalknad Palace. As the trek ascends gradually to the peak, you’ll be surrounded by trees and plantations of coffee and pepper. Throughout the trek small cascades of falls can be witnessed which flow heavily especially during the monsoon. Also, it is quite a normal phenomenon to spot lizards, insects, butterflies and leeches around. It is advised to take necessary precautions to manage an insect/leech bite. The scenic view from the peak with clouds scattered around touching the peak, is a view worth remembering. The 16km trek has to be completed in a day, as camping on the peak isn’t allowed. The trek is a moderate level trek which can be completed by a beginner under expertise. Along with permission from the forest department, an entry ticket of 100/- Rs is required. The timings are 6am-6pm and the best way to reach is via road to Kabbabe bridge.

Dubare Elephant Camp

The most humane way one can connect to self is by animals and Dubare Elephant Camp aims to instill that connection among humans and elephants through taking us on a journey of nurturing and taking care of ones who are naive. A day in understanding lives of Elephants, from watching them getting pampered to feeding while being instructed by Mahuts about the history of the elephants. These activities draw you closer to these giant creatures, while a certified naturalist takes you through the ecology and life of these giant creatures. Spending a day here, will surely change your perspectives towards things along with giving you an experience of a lifetime. The timings are 9:00am-11am and 4:30pm-5:30pm. The entry ticket for it is 20/-Rs. Cottage stays along with Jungle safaris are available as well. 

Coffee Plantations

Coorg, which is famously known as the coffee capital of the country has signature coffee plantation estates that bestows their visitors with exotic and raw collections of robusta and arabica beans. You can easily book a stay in coffee estates and spend a day in the aroma of coffee and widespread lush grasslands. From hand picking the best ripe beans to the whole process of harvesting and producing coffee, everything will leave a lasting memory in your mind. Some of the signature coffee estates like Thaneerhulla cottage room by Tata, Karagunda Coffee Plantation and Palace estates serve you with relishing stays and trails of coffee plantations to have a walk through. You can easily book a day tour with the coffee estates as well.  An evening by the farms with a cup of hot brewing coffee while looking at the breathtaking views will awe your heart. You can also learn about types of beans and tier processing along with the enriching history of coffee in Coorg. This opulent experience is worth your time in Coorg. 

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Golden Temple 

One of the largest settlements of the Tibetan population in Coorg resides in the Namdroling Monastery of Coorg. Famously known as The Golden Temple, this place takes you to another world of heritage and culture you can imbibe so much from. The rich Tibetan culture and the aura of this place will take you in solitude. Located in Krishnarajanagar, the monastery also is a hub for education and teaching of Tibetan culture. Timings to visit the monastery are 9:00am-6:00pm and you can easily reach here via road.

With such diverse activities and adventures to head on to, Coorg surely will mark your hearts with an everlasting experience. These offbeat things in Coorg will surely gratify the trailer and explorer within you. So, book your tickets and head on to have the most magnificent time of your life.