Tplink Broadband WiFi Extender

Tplink Broadband WiFi Extender Not Connecting To 5GHz? Best Answers

The tp-link extender is a superior extended range & signal booster range extender. It completely boosts the wireless range. The two external antennas that are built-in on the top panel of the extender absolutely enhance the Wi-Fi range. With the external antennas, you can simply & thoroughly catch the wireless range in the wider area. The Tplink Broadband WiFi extender entirely operates a 2.4GHz network as well as a 5GHz network. The 300Mbps range is available in the 2.4GHz network, additionally, the 867Mbps range is available in the 5GHz network. The WiFi dead zone entirely gets rids & killer with the wireless range of the range extender. You cannot face interrupted wireless range during the 4K streaming with the extender’s network. 

Moreover, on the front panel of the tp-link extender, the smart indicator LED light is built-in. You can simply know the perfect location with the LEDs light. The network coverage of the extender is up to 1000 sq. ft. if you wish to verify the range extender setting, then the login IP is necessary. From you can simply & entirely reach the setting. This ip allows verifying the setting. 

Importance of 5GHz network of the Tplink Broadband WiFi Extender 

 The tp-link wireless range extender device comes along with a dual-band network. Then, with this network, you can absolutely enjoy the wireless range as well as extended network coverage. If you wish to enjoy the wireless coverage in the long-range area, then you need to configure the 2.4GHz network. The 2.4GHz network allows enjoying the range in the long-lasting area. 

Furthermore, if you wish to enjoy the streaming videos, gaming console., internet, downloading, & video conference in one room. Then you need to configure the 5GHz network. The 5GHz network absolutely offers a high-speed wireless range. The wireless range of the network is 3 times faster & strong than the 2.4GHz network. Thus, to enjoy the faster wireless range, the 5GHz network is most important.

Reasons: Tplink Broadband WiFi Extender Not Connecting To 5GHz

Sometimes, the issue causes the tp-link range extender to not connect to the 5GHz network. If the extender does not connect to this network, then you cannot stream the 4K videos, & nor play the gaming console. Then, for the 5GHz network, there are some reasons. These reasons are as presented below. 

  • Not configure wireless channel
  • Network connectivity issue
  • Can’t get the correct login page
  • Firmware is corrupt

Best Solutions: Tplink Broadband WiFi Extender Not Connecting To 5GHz

If the 5GHz network does not connect to the tp-link range extender, then you should verify the position as well as the Wi-Fi network. There is some best solution to properly fix the 5GHz network issue. 

Check the Wi-Fi network

Many times, the WI-Fi network is unstable or weak due to the extender not being able to connect to the 5GHz network. Network connectivity is essential for the extender to be connected to the 5GHz network. If the 5GHz network issue comes, you should properly ensure the network. If you have connected your device to a different network then you can connect your device to the extender’s network. After that, the extender is easily connected to the 5GHz network. 

Restart the range extender

To resolve the 5GHz network error, you should restart the range extender. To restart the extender, you properly unplug from the power supply. Before unplugging into the power socket, you must power off the extender with the power button. Then, you need to unplug all the connection that is established with the extender. After some time, you can press the power button & again restart the extender. 

Update the tp-link extender firmware

Sometimes, due to the outdated firmware, the extender device is not able to connect to the 5GHz network. For this, you always update the extender’s firmware. To update the firmware, you should visit the login page. From, you absolutely redirect the login page. Then, visit the advanced setting of the extender. Under this setting, you see the firmware update option. Just click this option, & verify the new firmware file. With this file, quickly completely update the extender’s firmware. 

Verify the extender’s setting 

Another thing to fix the 5GHz network issue, ensure the extender’s device setting. Many times, you configure the wrong setting due to the extender not being able to connect to the 5GHz network. With the login default ip of the extender, you can verify the setting. If any setting is wrong configured, then you should modify the setting. 

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