Wavlink Signal Booster

What are the ideal ways to configure the Wavlink Signal Booster?

The Wavlink Signal Booster is a dual-band range extender. The Wavlink extender is suitable for outdoor locations. It provides higher performance with its limitless speed. Simply the weblink extender works into three different modes. It can work as a repeater, router, and modem. The Wavlink signal booster is the best quality of the Wavlink device. It provides 300 Mbps of high power speed and can expand the wireless network coverage with improved connections. Moreover, the signal booster also provides you with a cost-effective solution that is used for other wifi network applications. After establishing the Wavlink extender, it says goodbye to all the dead spots from your house. 

Moreover, the Wavlink extender has the ability to solve network-related problems. It simply improves the wifi signal strength that easily reduces the blind spots from your house. Also, the setup and the configuration of the Wavlink devices is intuitive and simple. Moreover, it has two external antennas that provide a transmission rate of up to 300 Mbps. So that you get an improved wifi range with higher density coverage. For more information, refer to the wireless-n repeater manual

Configuration process of the Wavlink Signal Booster

Well, the Wavlink Signal Booster is a smart and strong range extender. It helps to improve the wifi coverage by adopting two into two MU-MIMO smart technology. You can achieve a higher coverage of 1000 MW. With the help of its greater density, you can easily expand the wifi coverage of the existing wifi devices. You get the internet connection everywhere when you set up the device in an accurate way.

Moreover, the Wavlink device ensures that you get a stable wifi connection and provides wireless data transmission over long-distance areas. However, it withstands harsh outdoor climates. It is an IP65 waterproof case that can withstand a wide range of humidity and temperature.

Additionally, the Wavlink wifi extender offers you easy configuration methods. In which you can install or set up the wifi booster easily. Just walk through the below-mentioned points that are about the installation of the device. 

Wavlink wifi repeater Configuration Via WPS Method

Using a WPS method for the configuration of the wifi booster is the fastest and the easiest method. Before starting the WPS method, make sure that the host router also supports the WPS Button. In case, the host router that you will be using with the range extender to extend the wifi connection does not support the WPS Button. Then you need to drop this method at that moment. To enable the WPS Button method, both the devices should have the WPS Button. If your router supports then read furthermore. 

Simply push the WPS button of the host router and then press the WPS Button of the range extender within a few minutes. Thereafter, you need to wait until the WPS Button LED changes to solid blue. The solid blue power LED indicates a successful connection between the router and the WPS button. Thus, the signal booster will automatically find the signal to connect to the wifi repeater. Also, make sure that the SSID and the password of the router are the same as the range extender. Now enjoy the connection. 

Login to the Wavlink Signal Booster web browser-based setup  

With the help of the web-based setup and the wifi.wavlink.com login, you can easily manage the configuration settings of the router. Moreover, it has a built-in internal web server which means that it does not need internet access. It only requires a device that must be connected to the router. Well, this connection either can be wired or wireless. Now set up the IP or TCP protocol to obtain the IP address in an automatic mode of the computer device.

After that connect the computer to the router by using an Ethernet cable or wireless connection. Moreover, you can also use the network name and the password that should be printed on the bottom label of the router. Thereafter, visit wifi.wavlink.com or IP address to get access to the login page. On the login page, choose a language and then use admin for both username and the password fields. After the login, complete the configuration settings of the Wavlink repeater by following the onscreen prompts.

Final Words

The Wavlink Signal Booster provides PoE support. It is the ideal device that can perfectly connect to the existing wireless devices. However, for the configuration of the range extender. You can set up with two simple methods. Either WPS or using a web-based ap.setup. Both are easier and more effective. For more information about the configuration details, you can follow this article. 

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