vankyo wireless mini projector

Why is my vankyo wireless mini projector not working? Ways to fix

In these times the projector becomes very important. In order to view a big screen and enjoy a great experience you can use a projector. But in those days as we know all the devices are becoming digital and advanced day by day. People also love to use devices that have internet connectivity. So vankyo wireless mini projector is one of them. This is the advanced and multi-functioned device that allows you many features and you can easily connect this device with your mobiles. This wireless device is comes along with 1920*1080 resolution. You can easily use this device to enjoy a wide screen and HD quality. This device can be easily set up without any issues. 

By using this projector you can easily do photo sharing, Play videos just by connecting your mobile device with this projector directly using wired connection or wirelessly. This device is compatible to work with all smart devices. You can connect your android or IOS phone without facing any kind of issues. If you are wondering about how to connect Vankyo projector to iPhone Then just by using the mobile app you can easily connect. But many times users will face different issues, No need to be worried about this. Just need to follow the given instructions. 

Some common problems of vankyo wireless mini projector 

Many times different kinds of problems will be faced by users while using this wireless projector. The minor problems can frustrate the user’s not need to be worried. here are some most common problems that will be faced by users. You can easily fix this by reading these given instructions : 

  • Projector has “NO SIGNAL”
  • Failed to connect with wireless network. 
  • No sound input.
  • Unable to power “ON”
  • Not responding.
  • Image view is not clear.
  • Device is overheating.
  • Projector remote is not working

So these are the most common issues, That will ever be faced by it’s user’s. Don’t be worried, here are some simple steps to fix it. 

Solutions : Not turning “ON” ? Check the power cord

If the vankyo wireless mini projector is not turning on, There might be a problem with the power cord. It may damage by the mouse. Or have it cut, Properly check the power cord. Even check the electrical outlet in which you are inserting the power adaptor. Don’t forget to turn “ON” the button after inserting the power adapter into an electrical outlet. 

Failed to connect with vankyo wireless mini projector

If your wireless projector is working but during connecting with the wireless network. It shows an error message or fails to connect. Then not to worry. First, check that your wireless router is working. Then check the network coverage, If your projector is not getting a proper network and also stable connection. It can’t connect and shows errors. To fix the issue, Relocate your projector and place it to the nearest location of your wireless router. If still the problem is not resolve. You can connect the ethernet cable and use a wired connection. 

Vankyo wireless mini projector remote is not working

Sometimes while using the projector, we must use the remote to pause music, change etc. But sometimes it may be unresponsive. The reason can be various. Properly check that your remote is in the range of wireless projector. Change the batteries if got damaged and try again. If still not working. It may be a physical issue with the remote. Replace it by visiting a nearby retail store. 

Device is overheating

This problem is most common. On summer days if we use the projector continuously in 4, 5 hours, It will also automatically start heating. To fix the issue you must need to check that the location where you’re placing your projector is cool and ventilate. In summer days this problem must frustrate users. 

Device not responding

 There are several reasons behind this problem. Sometimes you will also use vankyo wireless mini projector and do several commands using remote at one time. Then it may show not responding. Due to slow internet connection also these types of problems can occur. In order to fix these issues you must reset your device. But be sure after reset all saved settings will be set as default. You can also set tplinkrepeater device with this.

No sound 

This is the major problem. Sometime due to undoing changes we will delete the sound software from the device. You can perform a reset or check the firmware version. If it is outdate please update it. Your problem will solve