Sapphire Window

Why should you really consider Sapphire Window?

In the ratings of the hardest natural substance on earth, Sapphire (Al2O3) is an implausible durable crystal material, second only to diamond. The likes of fused silica and quartz within a comparable transmission range can simply be surpassed and outlasted by optical components created from Sapphire.

Key Benefits of Sapphire Window:- 

Wondering why you will leave behind glass or fused silica and switch to Sapphire Windows? Well, it’s well known that they are stronger, scratch resistant, etc. But what more? Just scroll through to gain insight into its spectral ranges and long term costs. 

(1) Stronger and more precious than typical glass: Have you ever wondered how much that fused silica window that you put back every month cost you? Due to adverse conditions, your product gets declined in performance due to the glass optical component. Here, comes into play the role of a Sapphire Window. For optical designs, Sapphire is the second hardest material that can be used, with a fabulous mohs hardness rating of 9, which is just 1 less than diamond. Maybe you are feeling that it is quite overpriced, when compared to glass, but you are not thinking about how much savings you are gaining in the long run. By switching to Sapphire Window, instead of that glass window that you had to replace every month, you are probably making the last repair, and you also won’t see a degradation in performance over time. 

(2) Long Transmission Range commencing from UV and terminating in the mid IR: – Sapphire covers the maximum spectrum that no other ultra-strong optical materials can cover. For instance, if we take the example of Common Glass, it ranges from about 375nm to 2900nm. Guild Optics starts at 190nm all the way to 5000nm. Thus they can source Sapphire. Sapphire Window transmits through most of this range at around 86%but most importantly, without any anti reflective coatings. Sometimes, you may require Sapphire Window for application in adverse conditions, but with a little more transmission. In such cases, a normal AR coating on the interior face would be sufficient, leaving Sapphire Window on the exterior side to cope up with the torture. You will be just spell bound to know that the overall transmission can be increased to more than 92% with the one sided AR coating of the Sapphire Window. 

(3) Mechanical Properties: Tough and Strong, these two keywords are enough to justify Sapphire Window. While glass starts melting at 1400 degree Celsius, Sapphire can tolerate this temperature making it quite useful at high temperatures. In fact, Sapphire windows are useful for most applications up to a maximum limit of 1800 degree Celsius. That amounts to 3275 degrees Fahrenheit. A 2000’s famous old quote: – “That’s Hot” perfectly goes with Sapphire Window. Moreover, Sapphire Windows are impermeable to almost all chemicals. A well-polished Sapphire Window can only be slightly etched or damaged by very strong hot caustics. Besides, Sapphire Window is also a very good thermal conductor. 

What are Sapphire Windows used for? 

When there are adverse situations like high pressure, high temperature, high thermal rods, corrosive atmospheres, scratch and wear resistance, and low friction must be taken into consideration, Sapphire Window is the one stop solution to all your worries. Sapphire Window finds wide application in submersible ROVs, Furnace Viewports, gas and oil analysis, IR analytical devices and barcode readers. 

Due to their exceptionally superior performance, and trust ability in mission critical applications, Sapphire Window finds wide application in the military and defense, space, medical and research sectors, and many other industries. 

Key Takeaway: 

Now that you have gone through all the benefits of the Sapphire Window, Why wait any longer? Why will you stick to the normal glass window when Sapphire Window provides you so many added advantages? Without giving a second thought, just go for Sapphire Window, which might be the ultimate solution for your next project. No doubt, Sapphire Window is the market leader when it comes to toughness and tolerating adverse situations.